December 2018

The City of Dryden embarked on a branding strategy project. After a lengthy tendering process, the City hired Wake Marketing & Design from Kenora, Ontario to lead the project.

The branding project set out to:

» Help the City distinguish itself from other municipalities

» Achieve a more modern and professional corporate image

» Establish standards and consistency for the corporate image

» Develop a brand image that staff, council and the community believe in and take pride in

June 2019

Wake Marketing initiated a three-part community engagement process to learn from community members what Dryden means to them. The consultants led two community open houses, one intensive focus group and a community-wide survey. All the community input allowed the consultants at Wake Marketing to understand the community, its people and aspirations.

November 12, 2019

City of Dryden council received a presentation of the final branding project report from Wake Marketing and the City’s assigned steering committee put forth its adoption recommendation to council. Formal adoption of the brand will be approved at the November 25 council meeting.

The results of the branding project include:

» Brand Attributes—characteristics which identify the community

» Brand Story—formal narrative that encompasses the brand attributes with intent to inspire

» Brand Statement—concise and symbolic slogan that weaves together the brand story

» Logo—visual representation of the brand

This project was made possible with the support of